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Homeschool Wild Days

About Wild Days | How To Participate

How To Participate

The very next Wild Days will be held on Thursday July 26th, 2007. With the kids, in the afternoon, we will be exploring the alternative, renewable, and back to basics household energy systems that the buildings on the Preserve utilize. Moms are invited to bring their favorite science or nature curriculum or resources so we can share ideas.

Wild Days are an experiment in themselves, in which we do quite a bit of different things because we are seeing just what works and what doesn't.

At 11:00, everyone will meet at Red Pine Lodge. That will pretty much be the same no matter else is happening! At that time you can turn in your fees and liability waivers to Tim or Peggy, and leave your potluck item in the lodge for later.

At several points during the morning, a guided walk or craft or science activity may be announced. Parents and children may choose to participate or to wander about and do their own nature study thing.

At about noon, a bell will be rung calling everyone in for lunch. After we munch, kids will be invited to the other side of the Preserve for instruction and a cooperative game.


In addition to the waiver, please make sure you bring all of the following:

1. The $5.00 per-family fee and the $4.50 per craft materials fee. You may make checks out to Shawangunk Nature Preserve or bring cash.

2. A lunch item to share for our picnic potluck. This website has many healthy recipes that can be prepared ahead of time and served cold.

3. For the December 4th Wild Day, gardening shears will be necessary to make the balsam wreaths.


Finally, wear warm clothes! The children may scramble around in the brush and on the play equipment. You may thrash after them right into a big mud puddle. If you do not dress appropriately, you will not have fun.


For directions to the event, it is best to call Peg or Tim at the Preserve. Please go to their website or call them at (315) 826 7405. Do not try MapQuesting the address! It will send you off course. From Route 28, turn left onto Gravesville Road (which is also called County Route 242). You go 1.1 mile. Then turn left onto Russia Road (which is also County Route 47). Go 3.4 miles. Turn left onto Grant Road (which is also County Route 73). Go on that for .4 of a mile. Turn right onto Pardeeville Road (which is also County Route 73). You will pass Shawangunk Road. You will pass Black Creek Road. At this point it becomes very tricky to find the correct turn. It will be a right turn near a tiny, burned wood sign that says Red Pine Retreat. It's pretty well hidden in the overgrowth, but if you're careful you'll see it. Follow the sign up to the Retreat and you'll see lots of cars and hopefully, lots of other homeschoolers. There may not be cell phone service out there, so don't wait until the last minute to call.

Click on this underlined text here to download a PDF file of the liability waiver that the Preserve requires.

The Preserve does not have insurance. You must sign a liability waiver in order to participate in Wild Days. You only have to sign it once. Please download the waiver, print, sign, and bring it with you to the first Wild Days you attend.